Senior High


  1. Islamic and Qur’anic Program
  2. Excellent Academic Program
  3. Student Development
  4. A Patriotism & Nationalism Program
  5. Global Competency Program


  1. Character development & Islamic Values
  2. National Curriculum Regular Class & Semester Credit System (SKS)
  3. Cambridge As Level Curriculum


  1. Religious Activities:
    a. Islamic Character Habituation
    b. Daily Prayer, Dhikr, Tadarus
    c. Dhuha Prayer
    d. Sunnah Fasting
    e. Ramadhan Camp
  2. POSBA and Foundation Programs
  3. Education seminar and health life campaign
  4. Leadership Training
  5. Youth Service Day
  6. Overseas / homestay / sister school
  7. Outbound (Motivation Camp)
  8. Entrepreneurship Program
  9. BM Smart and Competition
  10. Cultural Arts Exhibition
  11. Nusantara Exploration
  12. Dialogue & Collaboration
  13. National and Islamic ceremony
  14. Career Day and University preparation


  1. Language, Computer, Physics, Piology, Chemistry Lab
  2. LCD projector for each class
  3. Smart board and multimedia technology
  4. Sports Field (basketball, futsal, badminton)
  5. Praying Room
  6. Canteen
  7. Hall
  8. Internet Access
  9. Academic System (My Campus)


  1. Religious Groups : Tahfidz, The art of reading the Koran
  2. Skill Groups : Paskibra, Scouts, Photography
  3. Science Group : KIR, Olympics, STEAM
  4. Art Group : Tari Saman, Traditional and Folk Dance, Art Painting, Band,
    Vocal Group
  5. Sports Group : Futsal, Badminton, Athletics, Basketball, Pencak Silat


  1. Applying Islam values and noble character
  2. Achieving a TOEFL Score > 550
  3. Passing the National Examination
  4. Acquiring AS Level certificates
  5. Admitted at famous universities
    (national and overseas)


  1. Providing the teaching service whole heartedly with to maximize the potential of the students. Qualified learning process in line with the principles of multiple intelligence.
  2. Implementing the 21st century learning paradigm that instills literacy, presentation, communication and collaboration skills.
  3. Involving students to actively participate in learning process (student centered) and be capable of utilizing various learning. Resources. Learning activities are carried out in a variety of ways in the classroom, mowving class and field trip.
  4. Applying activities of experiential learning. The approach is carried out with enjoyful learning and mastery process with the principle of one stop services.
  5. Student learning outcomes in the form of academic value and product learning outcomes. National and international standard academic values.
  6. University Preparation Program (National and Overseas)