Islamic and Qur’anic Programme
1. Fostering akhlakul karimah & Islamic culture
2. Leadership practice in religion: tadarus, prayer, imam of prayer, muadzin
3. Tahsin, Tahfiz, Tadarus & Khotmul Quran
4. Salah al jama’ah at school
5. Obligatory and voluntary fasting
6. Islamic boarding school, recitation & bina mental takwa

Excellent Academic Programme
1. Setting the learning load that accommodates extracurricular activities & fosters academic
2. Moving Class, Smart Class & Integrated Academic System
3. Student centered approach: Laboratory, Fieldtrip, Project Based Learning, Problem Based
4. Application of 21st century skills: literacy, presentation, communication, team work
5. Portfolio & Authentic assessment
6. Preparation for further studies: Psychotest. TOEFL, TPS

Student Development
1. Students Mapping
2. Interpersonal & Intrapersonal skills
3. Organization & Leadership Program
4. Entrepreneurship & Technopreneurship
5. Extracurricular Programme, Events & CompetitionPatriotism & Nationalism Programme
1. Flag ceremony, discipline and independence
2. Commemoration of National Holidays and Planting of National Character Characters
3. Scouting & Marching Recognition
4. Discipline assembly
5. Charity to the closest community & institutions
6. Exploring the cultural tribes of nusantara

Global Competency Programme
1. Mastery of English in communication (English Every Day, English Forum, English Debating)
2. Overseas Program (homestay, summer camp, immersion class, etc)
3. Sister school, International Collaboration Teleconference with other schools in the world
4. ICT skills, global awareness & citizenship