Lower Secondary

Junior High

Bakti Mulya 400 Lower Secondary offers and education concept that enables children to become true learners with a noble and civilized character according to the demands of religion values, have the knowledge and the ability to think critically and creatively, possess a global mind-set, be physically and mentally healthy, and able to socialize and collaborate in communicating ideas, which are in tune with the 21st century educational paradigm.

Bakti Mulya 400 Junior High School is one of the International Cambridge Schools, a part of the largest international school community in the world. Curriculum and Programs at Bakti Mulya 400 Middle School include:

  1. Islamic and Quranic Studies
  2. Academic Excellence
  3. Student Development
  4. Patriotism and Nationalism
  5. Global Competency


  1. Islamic Studies
  2. National Curriculum
  3. Cambridge ICGSE Curriculum


  1. Foundation Program
  2. Leadership Camp
  3. BM 400 Scout
  4. Fieldtrip / Visit Study
  5. Youth Service Day
  6. Art Exhibition & Culture Mission
  7. Expedition: Nusantara Exploration
  8. Canbrilge Ascenamant International Education
  9. Leadership and Students Organizationinteratronal School
  10. Overseas/ Homestay/ Sister School
  11. National and international competition
  12. International Community: Dialogue & Collaboration
  13. Nationalism: democracy and nationalism dialogue, hational day celebration
  14. Prayers (dhuha, dzuhur and ashr) are performed at school
  15. Writing Program: Book, aricle, weekly journal.


  1. Teaching and learning programs are implemented in an integrated manner ucin devices that support students learning digitally. Thus technology is used to improve the quality of education that combines teaching and learning in a professional manner.
  2. The whole process and student learning outcomes are evaluated using authentio assessment, so that the learning outcomes illustrates the learning achievements of children. The students themselves present the results of their learning to parents in the Student Led-Conference (SLC) and Parent -Students Teachers Conference (PSTC)


  1. Religious Groups : Tahfidz, Tahsin
  2. Nationalism : Paskibra, Scouting.
  3. Skill Groups : Cooking Class, Cinematography, Coding
  4. Science Club : Research, Olympiad, STEAM
  5. Art Group : Saman Dance, Traditional Dance, Painting, Band, Choir
  6. Sports Group : Futsal, Athlefic, Basketball, Martial Arts, Softball, Archery.


  1. Applying Islamic values and noble character
  2. Have a TOEFL> 450
  3. Pass the National exam
  4. Achieve IGCSE certificates