Kindergarten of Bakti Mulya 400 Begins to Implement Limited PTM in the Pandemic Era

Jakarta, (17/11/2021) As schools in Indonesia are starting to operate, the Indonesian government allowed the implementation of Limited Pembelajaran Tatap Muka (PTM) at several school areas in Indonesia, including in Jakarta. However, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, this Limited PTM is implemented differently from the regular face-to-face PTM.

Sekolah Bakti Mulya 400 is one of the schools in Indonesia that has successfully implemented Limited PTM in its educational levels, started from Kindergarten, Primary, Lower Secondary, and Secondary levels.

Moreover, as an effort to support the implementation of limited PTM, all teachers and school staff of Sekolah Bakti Mulya 400 have received the Covid-19 vaccine. Our teaching and infrastructure facilities have also been sterilized and prepared according to the health protocol to ensure that kids are comfortable and safe while studying at school.

PTM Limited was first held for Lower Secondary and Secondary levels on September 6, 2021, followed by Primary level, and now Kindergarten level has also held its first limited PTM on November 17, 2021. Limited PTM in Kindergarten level is carried out in its school building which is located at Jl. Gedung Pinang, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

Carried out by implementing strict health protocols, Kindergarten students are asked to wash their hands and check their body temperature before entering class. Teachers and school staff also stand guard in front of the school building to ensure health protocols are implemented properly.

The limited PTM will be held three times a week for each grade level in the Kindergarten unit with a limit on the number of students and learning hours in each class according to the government regulations.


There is also one teacher and one homeroom teacher in each class who will be responsible for conducting the learning and teaching activities. All of the kindergarten students appeared to be very eager while participating in their first day of PTM.

As a conclusion, Sekolah Bakti Mulya 400 will continue to strive to provide the best while prioritizing the safety and health of students according to government regulations in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic; thus, the learning activity can be carried out as well as possible.

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